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"Because we care about you, the RV owner"

Inspecting trailers

The RV Doctor's number one concern is the safety of his customers. For this reason, it is suggested, by the RV Doctor that the following be undertaken by every RV owner:

  1. The RV Doctor suggests that RV owners who have their recreational vehicle parked year round at a park should have their RV tested for a leak test (propane) every two years by a certified technician.
  2. The RV Doctor is further recommending that RV owners who travel with their recreational vehicles should have their RV tested on a yearly basis by a certified technician.
  3. At the same time, the RV Doctor will do a carbon monoxide test on your appliances to assure that they are functioning properly. This is an important factor as carbon monoxide cannot be detected without the proper equipment.

By June 2000, a leak test (propane) under the Ontario Propane Code 5.22.7 will be required upon the purchase of a new or used recreational vehicle.

Upon the test being completed, a TAG will be installed on your unit indicating the following:

  1. Address of test;
  2. Contractor's name;
  3. Contractor's registration number;
  4. Date of test;
  5. Test pressure;
  6. Test duration;
  7. Total pipe length;
  8. Pipe size;
  9. Filter's name;
  10. Filter certification number and classification;
  11. Statement: "DO NOT REMOVE"

The RV Doctor is pleased to announce that we now have a licensed propane technician for domestic appliances. The RV Doctor will be able to assist you, the customer, in assuring that your unit is safe.


The RV Doctor cares about the work they do. We care about you, the RV owner.

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